About Sam

My main specialty is working through relationship problems with individuals and couples. Issues like anxiety, depression, and addiction often have deep roots in current and past relationships. We will work together to make sense of what is happening, identify positive changes you would like to make, and find effective strategies that work for you. I can also help you set boundaries around problematic relationships, and find more fulfillment in relationships with your friends, your family, and your partner.

I use mindfulness approaches to help clients think and act with greater self-control and heightened awareness, and cognitive therapy to understand the impact of thoughts and feelings. If spirituality is important to you, we will make it an important part of the process as well.

We’ll work together to find the type of therapy you need right now.

Sam has a PhD in couple and family therapy, and is a licensed clinical social worker and licensed associate marriage and family therapist. He has extensive training in clinically proven therapy models and processes.