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The forms are in PDF format. You can even use Adobe Reader to fill out and digitally sign the forms and return to me via email. Otherwise, you can print them and bring them in, or I can provide you with a blank copy at the first session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The standard one hour session fee is $110. With a Medicare reimbursement under a mental health care plan, the gap payment is $35. (The standard industry fee is $228).

The therapy room is designed to be a place where you can say whatever you want to say without being judged or criticized. My job is to accept you for who you are, and listen deeply to your thoughts, feelings and experiences. I can offer some different perspectives based on my research and experience, but I’m not the expert on your life: you are. Therapy gives you time and space and support to get everything out, sort through the mess, and figure out a new way forward.

If you would like someone else to attend, I am very supportive of that. Sometimes it is useful for a partner or family member to also attend so that they can learn how they can support you. Some times you will want to be alone, though, so you can open up about things you don’t want others to know about. Either way is fine.

Absolutely, I’ve seen a lot of clients using video chat and via telephone. Some clients ever prefer this. Be aware, however, that Medicare will only reimburse for face to face sessions.